Hiking the Great Smoky Mountains Well Prepared

The Day Hiker Gatlinburg StoreWith over 800 miles of trails in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, you must plan to go hiking at least one day of your visit.  There are trails for seasoned hikers and even several short, family-friendly nature trails.  Whether novice or expert, never start a hike unprepared.  That’s where The Day Hiker store comes in!  From Mountain House Inn, head over towards the front entrance of The Village Shops and The Day Hiker is the first store you’ll see.

This popular Gatlinburg shop features all the gear you’ll need for a day hike or weeklong adventure in the Smokies.  From trail guides and water bottles to backpacks, bedding and food, you’ll find all the equipment you need for a safe and enjoyable hike.  Not sure what you need?  Ask the knowledge staff or the owner, an avid mountain hiker, and they’ll be happy to make recommendations.

Shop for Hiking Supplies in GatlinburgFor every hike, you should have:

  • Hiking Partner
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Water
  • Safety Whistle, First-Aid Kit, Park Map
  • Someone Who Knows Where & When You are Hiking

According to the National Park Service, the factors most often contributing to emergencies are:  Failure to plan and prepare; inadequate footwear, clothing, or equipment; lack of skill or fitness level for type of terrain or outing; impaired or poor judgment, sometimes induced by fatigue, exhaustion, or hypothermia; failure to let family and/or friends know of your specific plans or route and date of return; and failure to keep your hiking party together.

Fortunately, The Day Hiker Store can help you avoid all of the above with recommendations for suitable trails, gear you will need, and current weather reports.  Their business is your business when it comes to hiking the Smoky Mountains.

Don’t think you’ll partake of hiking this trip?  Then stop in a shop for some cool mountain stuff including t-shirts, camping novelties, books, patches, and outdoor gifts.  You could also purchase a hiking stick just to get the feel of one… for next time.

The Day Hiker
634 Parkway, Suite 1
The Village Shops
(865) 430-0970